Tiara Finds a Family at Open Door

“I’ve drawn every short straw in life,” says Tiara. She grew up poor, in a single-parent household. Three of her sisters died before she was 14, and she lost her mother just five years later. Determined to make a better life for herself, Tiara enrolled in college and worked to…...

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I’m so Thankful I Made that Choice!

Last November, a little before Thanksgiving, Bob stood outside the Open Door Mission, debating whether or not he should go in. “I walked away,” he recalls, “then I said, ‘No, I’ve got to do this!’ I turned around and came back. It’s been nothing but up and up from there!”…...

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It Could Happen to Anyone

Joe had a pretty good life.  He grew up with good parents, had a wife and son and had a construction job doing steel work.  He was a hard worker and never thought that he would always be able to provide for himself and his family. In 1985 Joe was…...

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