Giving to Open Door Mission

There are many ways in which you engage with this Mission through the act of giving. From directly giving dollars, to planned giving, real-estate, donated items, volunteering, and beyond. If you have a heart for the work we are doing in our community, we have a way for you to support that work.


The cost of a meal we provide at the Mission is just $3.41. Your contributions help us provide meals, shelter, education, and so much more to those most vulnerable in our community. We are a charity in good standing with ECFA, and use your dollars in the most effective ways possible, maximizing each gift to its fullest potential.

To Mail a Donation:

Open Door Mission                                                                Or Give Online 
226 Warren Street
Glens Falls, NY 12801


Through our food pantry and our Backpack Program we distribute food to those who are struggling with food insecurity here in Glens Falls. Our pantry needs vary from time to time and you can find the most current items needed list here.


Whether it be a donation of a piece of property the Mission could use for a physical space or gifting the property for the Mission to be able to sell it and receive the financial contribution, donations of property are an impactful way to help Open Door.

Stock Gifts and Wire Transfers

We can also accept gifts of stock, the Mission can receive the financial contribution through our broker, gifts of stock are a huge way to help Open Door, if you have any questions please contact our Donor Engagement Specialist at 518-792-5900 or email here.


Throughout the year we hold different events which give you or your business the opportunity to be a sponsor. Our sponsorships can include inclusion in advertising, logo placement and more. To find out about sponsorship opportunities, email us at the Mission.


Giving of your time is an all-important gift to the Mission and those we serve. We have volunteer opportunities throughout the Mission, such as, serving a meal, driving a truck, organizing or clothing pantry, and many more. Apply to be a volunteer here or email our Volunteer Coordinator.